The Importance of Loggist Training

By Andrew Carvell Apr 10, 2018

Crisis management teams often operate in high-pressure situations. Operators usually receive a lot of information in a short amount of time and are responsible for assessing this and executing the appropriate measures. In these hectic moments, you need a skilled loggist who can confidently log the information received, when decisions were made, and actions taken. Nevertheless, like everything else in crisis management, only practice makes perfect.

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Tips on How to Develop an Exercise Programme for Emergency Preparedness

By Sophie Lamb Mar 28, 2018

We have previously mentioned a lot on this blog about the importance of exercising emergency preparedness. What we haven’t addressed, however, is how to develop this type of programme. Obviously, every programme or plan will be influenced by the industry or nature of its business, but there are a few good  practice guidelines you should consider. 

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Generic vs incident specific plans: What is best for your business?

By Andrew Carvell Mar 15, 2018

The question of whether you should choose to create generic or incident specific response plans often comes down to funding and the resources you have at your disposal. More often than not, the value of a contingency plan lies in the quality of the work, not the scale of it.  

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Should you buy a crisis management system, or build your own?

By Attallah McKay Feb 20, 2018

A crisis management tool is the ultimate companion for anyone working with emergency preparedness and response.

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At Nord University we Take the Emergency Preparedness Exam Every Year

By Ketil Lagesen Feb 8, 2018

Hundreds of students at Nord University graduate every school term. Some of them pass and proceed to new modules, others have to take the subject over again. One thing that they all share is that they eventually finish and leave the university. An option not available to me, the emergency response manager. I need to pass the exam every single year knowing that it takes more than one victory to succeed in crisis management.

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Experiences from implementing a security and business continuity system in Norwegian Airports

By Johan Lindström Feb 1, 2018

Few industries operate under stricter safety and preparedness regimes than the aviation industry. At Avinor, we work towards an unambiguous safety goal: No aviation accidents or serious incidents where Avinor is involved. As the senior safety advisor, it is my responsibility to implement a business continuity system that both supports our strict security regime and is intuitive to use for anyone affiliated with our 45 airports.

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3 simple steps to get you started with GDPR

By Sophie Lamb Dec 13, 2017

If you haven’t already prepared for GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations), you’d better get to it because the deadline is approaching fast. What you need is a quick and practical approach, and whilst my proposed approach is somewhat simplified, we don’t have the luxury at this point of going into the finer detail.  

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How to handle personal data during a crisis

By Guest blogger Gullik Gundersen Dec 6, 2017

Are we allowed more room to manoeuvre when handling personal data during an incident than during day-to-day operations? The legislation clearly states that no, you are not! We are not released from our obligations under data protection regulations, even when hit by something unexpected. Nevertheless, few businesses have the necessary processes in place to protect sensitive information in an emergency.

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Who controls the truth during a crisis?

By Guest blogger Jarle Ramskjær Nov 24, 2017

Crisis communication is not just about handling the press. It's about how the organisation communicates with the authorities, partners, employees, media and the general public. It’s about the ability to convey important and precise information efficiently during a high-pressure situation.

But what happens when there is no correlation between how the business experiences a situation and how it’s presented by the media? Who decides what the truth is?

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Topics: Media and Communication

Do you think your wireless network is safe? Think again!

By Sophie Lamb Nov 10, 2017

We often operate under the assumption that everything is safe and sound regarding a company's cybersecurity until proven otherwise. A few weeks ago, The Guardian reported that "All Wi-Fi networks" are vulnerable to hacking. An unpleasant truth which indicates that your company's contingency plan should be updated as soon as possible. Here is what you should know and how to protect your company:

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