Practise Crisis Communication with Tabletop Exercises

By Attallah McKay Oct 13, 2017

One of many good reasons for including tabletop exercises in your emergency response training is the ability to streamline your crisis communications efforts. Tabletop exercises are effective, cost-efficient and will help you raise awareness of the importance of clear and accurate information exchange in a high-pressure situation.

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Topics: Media and Communication, Crisis Management

Does Anyone Know Where the Crisis Management Plan Is?

By Andrew Carvell Oct 2, 2017

Putting together a business continuity or crisis management plan is for some organisations just a box-ticking exercise. It is about fulfilling a requirement rather than creating something useful, which means that when an incident occurs, few people know where the plan is, which page to go to or what to do. Not ideal in a stressful situation.   

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Topics: Preparedness, Crisis Management, Contingency system

How to Use Action Cards

By Andrew Carvell Sep 22, 2017

Action cards, checklists or aide memoirs are a fundamental and essential element of any crisis management organisation. This article looks at the key considerations for anyone revising or creating them.

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Topics: Contingency

How the Aviation Industry Handles Next of Kin

By Andrew Carvell Sep 8, 2017

The handling of next of kin during an incident is one of the most important responsibilities of any crisis management team. The aviation industry is particularly challenged by this because they often operate in many different countries, and because planes are increasingly becoming a common method of public transport.

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Topics: Media and Communication, Crisis Management, Next of Kin

Why senior executives should be kept out of the crisis room

By Andrew Carvell Sep 1, 2017

When a crisis hits a company, most executive managers will instinctively try to involve themselves in the hands-on management of it. Although they certainly have important tasks and responsibilities in such situations, they should be kept out of the crisis management room at all costs.

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Topics: Crisis Management

Do you know who to notify if an incident occurs?

By Attallah McKay Aug 25, 2017

Incidents rarely take place from nine to five, and yet only a few businesses account for this when setting up their chain of command. Does your team know where their responsibility starts and ends if something occurs outside business hours or in holiday time? Do they know who to notify?

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Topics: Crisis Management, Contingency system

Is your risk analysis prepared for today’s criminals?

By Jack Fischer Eriksen Aug 14, 2017

The types of crimes being committed has changed drastically in recent years. The same can be said for the factors that could potentially be of threat to companies. Incidents like terrorist attacks, cyber-attacks/hacks, and identity theft are putting our risk assessment to the test. To combat these challenges, we are seeing a rise in the use of a VTS-analysis to better identify and manage these new business risks. 

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Topics: Risk

How to communicate on behalf of your business during vacation time

By Yngve Resell Mo Aug 4, 2017

A skilled communications team will avert most incidents before they develop into a more serious problem. They can neutralise situations long before damage is done to the business’s production, sales or reputation. Problems may, however, arise during the holiday season, because unlike hard working employees, unforeseen incidents are not required to take time off.  

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Topics: Media and Communication, Crisis Management

The Instructor’s checklist

By Kristian Pettersen Jul 10, 2017

Have you ever experienced losing your trail of thought during a presentation because you have not prepared sufficiently and/or you have forgotten something important? This checklist gives you quick overview of things you should consider before you stand in front of a group, and lead a presentation.

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Topics: Training

Have you hired a Security Manager or Just a Security Alibi?

By Nina Tranø Jun 27, 2017

The role of a Security Manager is not clearly defined, and they are often either under-worked or over-worked. Sometimes the position only exists to fulfil a mandatory criteria. This might look good on paper, but without clear responsibility, authority and management level affiliation, the duty of business security manager is nothing more than a job badge with no substance behind it.

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Topics: Leadership, Quality and Security

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